World Gdańsk Reunion, Gdańsk, 6–8 July 2018

The Mayor of Gdańsk, Mr Paweł Adamowicz, heartily invites all people who used to live in the city, who live now and all who are fans of Gdańsk for the 5th World Gdańsk Reunion on 6–8 July 2018.

As the Mayor says, "When I initiated the World Gdańsk Reunion in 2002, I wanted not only to host a meeting between the people of our city who used to live here and who live here now, but most of all to maintain the sense of community among Gdańskers and to preserve this sentiment for future generations. The May event brought Gdańsk fans from across the globe, while Gdańsk’s hospitality, openness and energy have made the sentimental journey continue to this day."

The reunion is being organised every four years. The Invitation and Programme of the event are attached.

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