Project Support Facility grant application partner search

Anna Urbańczyk from the City Culture Institute (Instytut Kultury Miejskiej) in Gdansk, responsible for cultural and social project looks for partners for a project for
Project Support Facility of the CBSS- Council of the Baltic Sea States.
The grant application is for organisations and institutions from: Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden. One of the priorities is safety and the application has also the gender dimension.
All persons interested in making common project -  educational project or  Baltic indentity project, or herstoric (women history) project or assertivness (communication skills) and self defense for kids and teenagers (girls or those socialised to female gender role) are invited to contact Anna Urbańczyk.
The deadline is 31 March 2018.
More information about CBSS Project Support Facility:

Anna Urbańczyk
Instytut Kultury Miejskiej
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