Working Group on Gender Equality

Working Group on Gender Equality

UBC Working Group on Gender Equality

The Working Group works to promote a gender perspective and work on gender equality. For a democratic development of the Union of Baltic Cities it is necessary that women participate and influence at all levels. Local authorities play a key role in mainstreaming the gender equality in the decision making processes and service delivery. The Gender Equality Working Group helps to strengthen the gender equality perspective in the work of different UBC Commissions.

It is of great importance to strengthen and accelerate the work on gender equality in the UBC and its member cities and regions. Local authorities play a key role in the work for gender equality because of their closeness to the citizens. Both women and men can take part in this work and both women and men will benefit from a gender equal society.

Building strategies for gender mainstreaming in the UBC main cities

The Working Group wants to ensure a stronger presence of gender issues in the work of UBC in the cities by strengthening the cooperation with commissions.

The Working Group focuses on three main areas promoting gender equality:

  • Eradication of all forms of gender-based violence
  • Elimination of gender stereotypes resulting in discrimination at decision making level and labor market
  • Social and urban planning

The Working Group will advance towards its goals by:

  • Awareness-raising within the field of gender equality
  • Lobbying for women's representation at all levels of the UBC
  • Promoting that a gender perspective is integrated into all the activities of the UBC
  • Channeling information and contacts of the member cities
  • Arranging conferences, seminars and meetings

According to the decision made by UBC Executive Board in Kemi 26 February 2015, each Commission should include in their forthcoming work plans “information on how they will promote gender equality."

Contact persons: 

Hanna Maidell

Senior adviser

The City of Helsinki
Helsingin kaupunki

City of Helsinki/Human Resources Centre
Add. PL 4500
FI-00099 Helsinki
Tel. +358 40 6754896

Małgorzata Tarasiewicz

Network of East-West Women

ul. Miszewskiego 17/100
Gdańsk, Poland
Tel. +48 607920484